NHVR API products and packages

NHVR offers a range of API (Application Programming Interface) packages that provide access to data and services to streamline business operations and processes. Utilise our APIs to build your own API Products for private use or to share with the broader development community. 


Application Downloads

NHVR Registration Checker Application - Android APK download

Provides anonymous public access to a subset of the NHVR National Registration database.

Download the Android device package (APK) to bypass Google play and deploy directly to your Android devices.

Login to download the Android device APK.

Current version: 2.0.1
Last updated: July 23, 2020
Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Note: an Apple IOS download is not available.

Version 3.0 open for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Version 3 of the NHVR Registration Checker mobile app is now in UAT and will include display of primary producer concession codes, and dangerous goods vehicle licenses.

Primary producer concession codes will be available for vehicles registered in Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas and ACT.

Dangerous goods vehicle licenses will be available initially for WA and NSW registered vehicles.

Login to download the Android device APK.

Current version: 3.0.0-uat
Last updated: May 27, 2021
Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Note: an Apple IOS download is not available


Featured API Product

PBS Application Submission Tool - Excel Spreadsheet


Using the NHVR Portal API package, the PBS (Performance Based Standards) Application Submission Tool is an Excel spreadsheet using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to create draft applications, upload files, and complete the submission of PBS Design Approval and Vehicle Approval applications.

API Packages

Through the NHVR Developer Portal you can access the same API packages powering the NHVR Portal, the NHVR Registration Checker mobile app and NHVR Route Planner products.  All our APIs are based on the REST architectural style providing a standard and consistent mechanism for accessing data and services over the web using HTTP.


NHVR Portal

The NHVR Portal API package currently provides access to NHVR Portal Authentication, Performance Based Standards (PBS), and Asset services. View Product

In the near future this package will be extended to include access to all NHVR Portal services including Access, Accreditation and Vehicle Standards.


Map and layers

The Maps and layers API package provides access to the maps and layers published by the NHVR and used in the NHVR Route Planner product. View Product


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Help and support

Need assistance utilising an API?

Access the NHVR Developer Portal help and support site for guides, tutorials and FAQs covering the NHVR Developer Portal and use of our API packages. 

Help and support

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